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Mathieu Gillot

1973 - Mathieu Gillot was born in France in Le Mans, famous city for it's endurance car race: the "24 Hours of Le Mans".

1991 - Crazy about sports, he used to run half marathons when he was young. As soon as he found out mountain biking, he started competing XC (cross country).

1995 to 1998 - Addicted to speed, he started downhill racing in a time when dedicated full suspension frames were rare and expensive in France and many BMX pilots were still using hardtail bikes. While he was attending a Mechanic Engineer course, he started drawing and building his own downhill frames for competitions.

1999 - Mathieu had to moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he addopted the bike as a mean of transportation in the city.

2003 - He decided to draw his first full suspension tandem. He built the frame prototype and tested its geometry and performance during several bike trails.

2005 -  The full tandem prototype was approved on Estrada Real (Royal Road) running 650 km in 9 days, starting in Ouro Preto to Paraty. Since then, he started new studies and sketches for a new and more sophisticated frame, 100% made in Brazil with a French touch.

2006 - In order to share his passion about special bikes, he created the Gillot Custom Bikes, a specialized company in producing customized Tandem and downhill frames.

2007  - Mathieu starts producing tandem and downhill frames answering to different kinds of costumer demands.